Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Season of Modesty?

I was watching TV the other day, when lo! an Old Navy commercial came on advertising women's Bermuda shorts, which fall almost to the knee. Those are very modest, I thought. And for some reason, there is a copy of Seventeen magazine at my house and I was flipping through it today when I was surprised to find a story with the headline "Are sexy clothes out?: The push for less revealing clothing started in religious communities - now it's influencing the world." Now, I certainly don't have any illusions about Seventeen magazine knowing anything about anything, but it's interesting that they have a story about modest clothes, highlighting longer shorts ("Conservative, knee-length shorts are spring's must-have bottoms") and higher necklines ("The banded neck[s] of ruffled shirt[s] covers your collarbone and have a prairie-girl vibe").

Shout out to my mom for being ahead of the times and pushing modesty for me and my sister starting back in 1984.