Thursday, March 31, 2005

This is What Feminist Looks Like

Some more thoughts on the last day of Women's History Month...

Pro-choicers would have us believe that to be pro-woman, we must support abortion. Obviously these people haven't cracked a history book, or they'd know that all of the original American feminists were pro-life . They obviously are not paying attention to the current events, either, or they'd know at least two high profile female Nobel Peace Prize winners, Wangari Maathai (2004 winner) and the late Mother Teresa of Calcutta (1979 winner) are/were vocal supporters of life.

What these women understood, of course, is that womanhood requires a recognition of the female body's purpose and function and a life lived consistent with those biological truths. We women can't escape our womanhood (as pro-choicers would have us do). Instead, it is in embracing and respecting the female body - and recognizing the biological truth that a fetus is a unique human being - that we become most fully woman.

The physical, psychological and legal oppression of women was a very real fact in U.S. history. The denial of women's rights to vote and own property, among other things, was wrong. But in accepting pro-choice rhetoric, we are doing the same thing to unborn children that women had done to them. We are moving from victim to perpertrator. And when we become the perpertrator, we become the victim all over again because if we allow ourselves to view certain human beings as worthless, it opens the door for others to view us as worthless as well. And if you think today's society and culture doesn't view women as worthless, go to your local mall and see the underwear on sale that passes as clothing, or turn on your TV and see the woman expected to give pre or extra-marital sex to any man she meets, or listen to your radio and hear the horrible depictions of women in music, or read the newspaper and new pills that reduce the number of periods a woman has each year because the normal functions of a woman's body are obviously so horrific.