Tuesday, March 29, 2005


March is Women's History Month. Yay. In honor of this celebration, I will be posting a few things about women (hopefully before March is over). My first is some links to learn more about the woman, Mary, the Mother of God. If you want to see woman's ideal, look to her. If you want to see the Christian ideal, look to her. If you want to see the human ideal, look to her. Behind the Lord Himself, she is our greatest teacher. As Fr. Gareth said recently, "Those who have a problem with the Mother of God have more problems than they know." Christ came to us through Mary; we should go to Him the same way.

Read about...

What the Catechism teaches about Our Lady.

Our Lady in Scripture and early Church history.

Marian feasts and prayers.

What the Church Fathers say.

History of devotion to the Blessed Mother.

How to pray the Rosary.

Also, the Vatican's website has the text of encyclicals, letters and other writing on Our Lady from throughout Church history.