Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papam!

Pope Benedict XVI.

Say a prayer for the
new Holy Father as eases into the Petrine office.

Viva Il Papa!

UPDATE: I found out about our Holy Father's election during my 20th century European intellectual history course. I like my professor - he tries to be funny, he genuinely knows his stuff and he seems to really want us to learn. But he does seem quite adversarial to religion in general. One of the guys in my class had wireless Internet and announced before class that a new pope had been elected, but it hand' t been announced yet who it was. Then, with about 15 minutes of class yet, someone started playing what sounded like the Battle Hymn of the Republic (could have been another patriotic song) out on McKeldin Mall on a trumpet. My professor got thrown off in his lecture by it and the kid with the computer said, "Maybe it's in honor of the new pope."
My prof said, "They elected someone?"
"Yeah," the kid said, "Ratzinger. Now he's Benedict XVI."
"Ratzinger, really?" my prof asked. "Well now we're going to talk about Simone de Beauvoir. He wouldn't like her. Then again, she wouldn't have liked him. But I like her."


When I asked my mom what she thought about our new pope, I thought she had a valuable insight. She was in class with her 8th grade religion students and they watched the announcement live. She said she was struck by the smile on Pope Benedict's face as he walked out on the balcony in St. Peter's. She said she thought it was very clear that he was a humble, kind man - and people who are humble lead others in the right direction.