Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Media and the Pope's Death

We spent almost all of my journalism graphics class today reviewing how local, national and international media visually presented the 2nd day coverage of the pope's death. It was quite interesting to see how newspapers from across the country and across the globe ran their stories. If you think American media is biased, check out international media sometime (Indonesia's main newspaper had a picture of the pope's body laid out in Clementine Hall with the headline "Arrivederci!" - exclamation point included). Of course, newspapers from Poland showered praise on the Holy Father, but their presentation was much different than anything we'd ever see here in the U.S. The Poynter Institute's website (see below) gives you the chance to see some front page PDFs.

Lots of non-journalism people ask me about the media at random times. If you want to know what journalists are talking about, the best place to find the information is on Romenesko, part of the Poynter Institute's website. Romenesko's website is the main place for discussion of the journalism industry by journalists themselves. The Poynter Institute is considered the best institute of journalism in the United States and one of the best in the world and is particularly noted for its emphasis on ethics. Here on some links from Romenesko on the coverage of the pope's death.