Wednesday, May 18, 2005

And I'm Posting More 'Sith' to Bring Male Readers Back

Stephen Hunter of the Washington Post reviewed it today and loved it. Quite a well-written review, too.

The movie tracks with almost clinical attention the noble Anakin sinking
deeper into turpitude, until finally he commits an act so desperate and vile
that it all but exiles him from the community for all time. Thus we see in his
embrace of evil the forgetting of his own moral culpability, the drowning of his
own memory, the escape from his own demons. Surely that is a great theme: How
men purge themselves of sin by giving themselves over to a cause with all their
hearts. It explains how you could fly a plane full of mothers and babies into a
skyscraper and think you were going on a date with 72 virgins, or how you could
goose-step your way toward conquest and genocide while singing schmaltzy oompah