Friday, May 20, 2005

Jedi = Catholic Priests

Or so says Pundit Guy, who has this to say about Sith's connection to Catholicism. Generally, I agree with him:

When a woman comes between a Jedi, a wedge is driven between the Jedi and
his fellow Jedi's. The will of the council cannot be done. The mission of the council cannot be completed. The Jedi who is involved with a woman focuses completely on her, and not on the needs of others. As she demands more from him, he begins to think only about her and his life with her. He is unable to think and care for others in an equal way. He has become selfish and cannot be a Jedi Master.

There are some problems with his analysis, however. He mentions that there are no women on the Jedi Council. But there could be, right? I mean, there are female Jedi, so I'm assuming they could be elected/invited to the Council. Also, he seems to be saying that there are no women on the Jedi Council because they're needy and demanding. OK, maybe we are, but that's not the reason we can't become priests.

Also, he seems to be implying that only homosexuals are predator priests, which, if you've read the John Jay Report, is not the case.

I definitely agree with his link between the Jedi Council and the celibate priesthood, but I think Pundit Guy thinks all parallels must be perfect ones. This one, as close as it may be, just isn't.

Hat tip to Amy Welborn.