Sunday, May 01, 2005

Just Back from the OC

We've missed you. The entire "staff" of Catholic Girl Talk spent the weekend in Ocean City, Maryland, for the 43rd Biennial Convention of the Maryland Court of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas. We went as representatives of Court St. Maria Goretti, the CDA court here on the University of Maryland's campus. The weekend was long, but a lot of fun, and we have lots of news/observations to share, so check back over the next few days as we update the blog and - God willing - post some photos.

Some highlights from the trip:

*Court St. Maria Goretti co-hosted the convention, along with Ct. Mary Francis. Our court was the newest and had the youngest members of the 26 courts there. I believe we also, with the possible exceptions of Ct. Mary Francis and Ct. St. Francis Xavier, had the most representatives there, with 11.

*Ct. St. Maria Goretti's Regent, Lisa Boecker, was elected to a 2-year term as the State Court's treasurer. This is a great responsibility and a great honor, so please congratulate Lisa.

*Ct. St. Maria Goretti's Financial Secretary (and Catholic Girl Talk's own), Lacy Howard, was elected to a 2-year term on the State Court's nomination committee. Also a great honor.

*Ct. St. Maria Goretti won the state's Circle of Love Award for its White Ribbons Against Porn campaign earlier this year.