Monday, May 16, 2005

On This Day

I think I might exploit the NYTimes and the History Channel and bring everyone some history lessons by using their "On This Day" pages to tell you, well, what happened on this day in history. Here's the NYTimes page and here's the History Channel page and here's some interesting happenings in history on May 16:

1717: Voltaire imprisoned in the Bastille
1770: 14-year-old Marie Antoinette married 15-year-old future King Louis XVI of France
1866: Minting of the nickel authorized
1868: U.S. Senate failed by one vote to convict President Andrew Johnson of one of the 11 charges of impeachment against him (he was eventually acquitted of all charges)
1920: St. Joan of Arc canonized
1943: Warsaw Ghetto uprising ends
1990: Muppets creator and university alumnus Jim Henson died at 53