Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Siesta for Siema

The women of Catholic Daughters of the Americas are excellent, wonderful women. Unfortunately, their Maryland state convention isn't all that exciting. It's a weekend-long business meeting in which most of the members are grandparents. Yay.

So the girls of Ct. St. Maria Goretti picked to sit in the last 2 rows of the convention hall for good reason. That is mainly so no one could see us do our homework, write notes to each other, write text messages to each other, etc. while the convention was going on. We wish we'd had wireless Internet so we could bring all you good readers of Catholic Girl Talk some blogging.

So during lunch we were a bit punchy. We started talking about how after you eat you get hot and tired. We also started talking about the sin of gluttony. So put those two veins of the conversation together and what do you get? A children's book entitled "A Siesta for Siema."

"A Siesta for Siema" (for explanation of Siema, see previous post) is a moral tale that will teach kids about the sin of gluttony.

The plot is this: After stuffing herself with too much food and candy at lunch, little Siema gets tired and takes a siesta. During this nap, little Siema has a frightening dream about the ravages of the sin of gluttony. (We haven't actually figured out what happens in the nightmare, but we'll happily accept suggestions.) When Siema awakes from her siesta, she vows never to be gluttonous again. All is well!

Of course, we're University of Maryland students, so the lessons of this story are not limited to morality - there is also diversity encompassed in this tale. Notice the use of the word "siesta" for nap and the fact that little Siema (ok, there's no picture of her, but there will be in the book) is biracial.

And no need to fear, dear readers, "A Siesta for Siema" is just the first in a 7-part series of children's books on the Seven Deadly Sins. We're also contemplating a series on the cardinal virtues. We'll keep you updated.