Saturday, June 04, 2005

Assignment 1 of Summer Reading: Memory and Identity

We are moving forward with our plan to do a summer book club via blogs, and we need as much reader input as necessary for the discussions to be fruitful, so this is a reminder that our first book will be the last book Pope John Paul wrote before he died, Memory and Identity. This is a great book in question-and-answer format about the late pontiff's views on Nazism, Communism, freedom and homeland, made all the more powerful because of his intimate experience of them.

On about June 15, we will start posting reflections/thoughts on this and I encourage anyone who has possible discussion topics that popped up for them in reading the book to e-mail us at and I'll post them. I've read about 60 pages of the book and already a few themes and ideas have come up that I'd like to discuss.

In July, we will read a piece of fiction (TBD - we'll let you know ASAP) and in August we'll read In the Beginning...A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall by then Cardinal Ratzinger.

And if all readers who are bloggers themselves could post something about this on their sites, it would be much appreciated!