Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bite Update

Several people seem to have taken an interest in the fact that I was bitten (I think by a spider, but I don't know) and that my left foot is now swollen (and growing larger by the hour). I went to the doctor's office, where they drew blood (ugh) to count my white blood cells - if the count was high, I had an infection; if it was normal, it was an allergic reaction. Either way, they gave me a steroid injection in my backside to reduce the swelling (though, thankfully, the burning the nurse warned me about hasn't happened). Apparently, my white blood count was "borderline" so they forgoed a second shot of antibiotics and instead gave me a prescription for antibiotics. They also gave me a script for an antihistamine to also help reduce the swelling and told me to tie a brace around my foot while I sleep to help it go down even more. So everything should be good soon!