Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Dark Knight Returns

Readers, Peter of Catholicae Testudines (check out his great Jack Chick parody here) has made the following decision on the Book Club's July piece of fiction (discussion on our June book, John Paul's Memory and Identity, will begin this Wednesday, June 15):

I've decided to go with Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns for our "fiction." I've actually never read it before, but it's one of those graphic novels that people who read graphic novels are supposed to have read. I apologize in advance if there is any objectionable material--It's a pretty dark and grim portrayal of Batman, written at a time when popular culture still had the taste of Adam West's portrayal in its mouth. Essentially, the story is about an aging Bruce Wayne who decides to don the cowl in his twilight yearsafter he has retired from the superhero business. Joey (of Beneath Wayne Manor), I'm sure, will have much to say on this topic. The new film, focusing on the beginning of Batman's career, will pose an interesting comparison, and the ladies of CGT will be interested to know that, in the future, the role of Robin is adopted by a woman.