Thursday, June 23, 2005


Maryland students, do you want to know why people treat you like babies when you decide to riot and destroy public and private property? Because you don't take responsibility for yourselves.

Here's the most stunning example: Michael Scrocca, a Catholic Terp, was killed about 2 months ago in a house fire in the rental house he shared with several others. Fire investigators have found a can of gasoline on the front porch and determined that the fire must have started when an arsonist poured gasoline on the front porch and then set it on fire.

There had been a party at the house earlier that night at which 100 people were present. Though fire investigators, police, the university and the student newspaper have repeatedly called on everyone who was at the party to contact investigators to give statements (however irrelevant to the fire they might seem), only 20 people have come forward so far. I don't think these people are simply out of town for the summer. There were 4 weeks left to the school year when this fire occured. They had plenty of time to contact investigators. The family is obviously still in great pain, and with good reason. Not only was their son taken from them so early in life, but people who were supposed to be his friends and the friends of his housemates are such wimps that they're willing to let a homicide go unsolved so they don't have to be put in the uncomfortable position of making statements to investigators. Ridiculous.