Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The Diocese of Rome officially opened the cause for the beatification of Pope John Paul II today. Get the story.

I've been thinking of putting this blog under the protection of Pope John Paul II and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for a while and now I think I definitely will. I also looked for an official prayer for the beatification of Pope John Paul to post here, but haven't found one yet (I know Catholic Ragemonkey composed one, but I couldn't find it in their archives), so if you know of one, post a link in the combox.

Also, I was just wondering the other day whether, in the investigation of the pope's life and particularly his unpublished writings, we'd find evidence that he experienced either previously or at his death the Dark Night of the Soul that his favorite saint, John of the Cross, described. St. Therese was experiencing it in the years leading up to her death, as was, apparently, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and I'm sure other saints and holy people.

Also, Amy Welborn has an interesting discussion about JPII's discipliniary actions and whether he should have done all he should in that area. I believe the original story was about his discipline in general but the combox wars have focused on how he dealt with the American sex abuse scandal. As some point out, there can be legitimate discussion over whether he should have dealt with it differently, but some people are being down right uncharitable. Take this quote from a commentor, for example: "We should not, however, necessarily assume the best because of our own reverence for the man."

Actually, that is exactly what one should do. It's called charity, and we're Christians, so why don't we try it? And not just for JPII, but for people in general. I, for one, know so little of the details of how the late pontiff handled the American scandal in comparison to the ones in Europe and what the usual Vatican relations with individual dioceses on matters such as this are that I wouldn't presume to blame Pope John Paul for a) causing the abuse or b) causing the pain that followed because of episcopal handling of it.