Monday, June 06, 2005

There Are Some Good Posts

Over at Disputations about the Marian dogmas and Protestants' difficulties in accepting them. They're well worth a read, especially the questions Protestant commentators have raised, as they give great insight into Protestant mentality about Our Lady.

You know, I mean no disrespect to Protestants when I say this, but of every difference between Catholics and Protestants, their cold shoulder to Our Lord's Mother is the one that leaves me most baffled (the "Woodpeck" post alludes to this at Disputations). I just cannot logically understand any reason why Our Lady does not deserve great honor and that we rightfully acknowledge her as Theotokos.

Remember about 6 weeks back when I asked if anyone knew some good books about Our Lady of Fatima because an agnostic friend of mine was interested in her? Well, that night I talked to him about her, I also gave him a Rosary and a "How to Pray the Rosary" sheet, explaining it very basically. He just graduated from the University of Maryland last month, and is going to China for the summer. I had also loaned him PJP's Crossing the Threshhold of Hope to read, and so he sent me a package this weekend returning the book. He enclosed a very nice note, the last sentence of which read: "I'll never lose the Rosary, even with my goofy religious beliefs."

I almost cried. Our Lady melts even the hardest of hearts.