Sunday, June 19, 2005


So things are getting a bit hectic around here as we prepare for my brother Thomas' wedding next Saturday. As the groom's family, my parents are hosting the rehearsal dinner and it's hard to believe how much work is caught up in that one event. I'm helping my mom and dad create the PowerPoint show for the evening and my sister and I are working with my mom on the seating arrangement and centerpieces. I can only imagine all the stuff the bride's family must be scrambling to finish right now. Regardless, the wedding I know will be wonderful. I love my sister-in-law to-be. Plus, CGT's own Sierra will be flying down from Maryland to be my guest and to stomp around New Orleans for a few days, so I'm excited. It's kind of hard to believe, though, that I'm old enough to have a brother who is getting married. Weird. Please keep Thomas and his bride, Amanda, in your prayers as they prepare for their marriage.