Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Who You Calling a Papist?

There's a rather interesting discussion over at Amy Welborn's blog about use of the terms "papist" or "Roman" and if they're still considered derogatory slurs or can legitimately be used by non-Catholics (especially the British) when referring to Catholics.

Though I certainly don't mind someone I know using those terms in a joking, loving manner, I still think they have a good bit of sting coming from non-Catholics. They aren't terms you hear often and I can't believe that non-Catholics who do know them don't also know the venom with which they were once used. Hence I think that a disregard for that history is venomous in itself. The fact that literally "papist" and "Roman"(ish) are accurate terms for describing Catholics I think has little bearing on whether they are appropriate to use. Sure, there might come one day when they could be used as terms of endearment, but that day has not yet come.