Friday, July 08, 2005

Be Sure

To check out Peter of Catholicae Testudines posts the 3 kinds of good and 3-fold ways of holiness that Pope John Paul II discusses in Memory and Identity. And this is to remind you once more that we'll start discussing Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns next Friday, June 15. Tales from The Dork Side had a shout out to us about this and had some interesting comments from readers about our choice of the book. As I have yet to start it, I can't comment on it, but Peter did warn me of some of the book's more mature content. As he pointed out in one of the comboxes below, our reading of DKR is not a Nihil Obstat or Imprimatur for the work.

Speaking of the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, when I went to Barnes and Noble today to pre-order the next Harry Potter and buy DKR, I found a copy of Wiliam May's An Introduction to Moral Theology on the sale rack and bought it. The kid who checked me out had a shaved head and one of those long, thin beards (do they have a name?)...he wasn't Goth at all but more like a hard rocker-type, artsy guy. He asked me if I like Batman. I said I'd never read the comics but was buying DKR for a book club. He said he'd read all of the Frank Miller books and thought all of them were great, but DKR was especially good and that I would enjoy it. I'm looking forward to it.