Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Check Out These NYTimes Pieces

First, as Amy Welborn points out, there is this op-ed piece advocating that federal and state governments offer tax incentives to parents who choose to send their children to Catholic schools because of the relief it gives public schools. As some of Amy's commentators point out, there might be some issues that would have to be worked out, as in what strings would be attached to these incentives, what religious schools specifically would it apply to and what about other groups (i.e. married with no children) who also pay taxes to support public schools but don't themselves burden the public school system with more pupils (though this group don't actually have any children to send to public schools, so they wouldn't be unburdening them of anything, unlike families who choose Catholic schools). And what about home-schoolers? Nonetheless, this is an interesting argument and the ability and willingness of the Times to explore off-the-radar issues like this is why I prefer their Op-Ed pages to the Post's.

Second, here's a review of "Primo," a stage adaptation of Primo Levi's Auschwitz memoir Survival in Auschwitz (though, as the review points out, the actual English translation of Levi's Italian title is If This Is A Man, which gives a totally different tone to the work than Survival in Auschwitz.) We read this memoir as part of my Holocaust class last semester and its amazing prose makes the whole work compelling. A great read. It (both the book and the play) has a strong theme of memory and identity, which Thomas over at Catholicae Testudines discussed briefly in this post on JPII's book (also check out his general impressions of the book here).