Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The (George) Will to Fight for Animal Rights

I grew up in a Democratic household in a overwhelmingly Republican parish (or to you non-Louisianians, a "county") in a state that was - and in many ways still is - Southern Democrat. I'm a journalist who hates talk radio, talk TV and what I would call talk op-eds: newspaper opinion pieces that only rehash (however beautifully) the same old party line (whether Democrat or Republican) on important issues of the day because, in the end, for talk radio, TV and op-eds, everything comes down to politics and few things come down to, ya know, actually examining the issues and having a debate on them. That's why I appreciate the few print columnists (politically liberal or conservative) who get me to stop, think and critically examine issues (even if I often disagree with their conclusions). On the more liberal side, that'd be people like Leonard Pitts, Thomas Friedman and Nicholas Kristof. On the more conservative side, it's people like David Brooks and George Will. Will had this fascinating piece on the treatment of livestock animals in this week's Newsweek. Check it out.