Tuesday, July 19, 2005

HP and Dads

I'm about 2/3 of the way through HP and the Half-Blood Prince and, as several critics have pointed out, the role of fathers and fatherhood in the series is amplified even more in this book, as we find that Lord Voldemort's turn from the orphaned teenager Tom Riddle to the darkest wizard to ever live was influenced heavily by his lack of parenting, particularly his father's abandonment of his then-pregnant mother.

TIME published an interview this week with JK Rowling. It was a horrendously written piece that offered little insight into her or her books (aside from the fact that her name rhymes with "bowling," not "howling"). But she did have this to say on the role of fatherhood in the books:

"As I look back over the five published books, I realize that it's kind of a litany of bad fathers. That's where evil seems to flourish, in places where people don't get good fathering."

A keen observation on her fiction and on reality.