Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Could Sound Smart and Post About the Supreme Court or...

...I could post about fashion!

As I was bored at work today I decided to research fashion tips because I'm a big nerd. I've always found that it's more fun to read about the mistakes people have made with fashion than what the actual rules are, and I found a great point at . They pointed out a common mistake some fashion fans can make:

"Relying too heavily on the fashion media.

You buy all the fashion magazines religiously, watch awards shows, read the paper and keep up with all the online sources. How could that be a mistake?

By relying too heavily on the media to rule your wardrobe, you run the risk of being a fashion victim.

Remember: most magazines and TV programs about fashion produce an "aspirational" effect. They present you with fabulous clothes you'll want to buy on fabulous models you'll want to look like.

The problem is that a) you probably can't afford any of the clothes they show and b) you're never going to look like a supermodel or a celebrity." (

Now I don't always agree with a lot of the so-called tips I find at a lot of these fashion websites (for example, advising a conservative dresser to "punch it up in a miniskirt, lowcut jeans or a fringed handbag"). However, I this is a good point. I have not bought a fashion magazine since middle school and probably never will again.

Another good point had that sounds cheesy but is absolutely true: "If you love it, look great in it and can afford it, buy it. Yes, it's really that simple!"