Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mr. Incredible?

So I was at daily Mass last week and this guy a couple of years younger than me who attends Spring Hill was wearing what looked like a Mr. Incredible T-shirt, so I told him I liked it. Only later, after getting a better look at it, did I see it actually had a big "J" on it instead of a big "I": Jesus is Mr. Incredible. First of all, I hate religious- themed clothing that tries to market Christ through some cheesy brand rip-off (I've seen ones related to 7-UP, Kit Kats, etc.). Is Christ really so unexciting and cheap that you have to draw such a poor parallel? But I thought this comparison to Mr. Incredible was particularly dumb. The biggest drawback to a Mr. Incredible parallel is that the whole reason Mr. Incredible is not content with his life as a husband and father and agrees to do these missions is because he wants glory and prestige for himself. He's self-centered, to say the least. He puts his family's welfare on the line (getting himself fired from a job and then lying to his wife about it) so he can relive the glory days. Plus, his powers are limited. He's super-strong, but he needs his wife (Elastigirl), sons (Dash, who's superfast and Jack-Jack who's some kind of shape shifter fire shooter) and daughter (Vi, who can become invisible and create force fields) to help him put an end to the wicked plans in place. Mr. Incredible is pretty incredible and the movie was awesome, but he's not some sort of Christ-like figure, and neither is Christ a Mr. Incredible-like figure.