Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Season of Modesty, Part II

I discussed back in March how I thought clothes this year seemed to be moving in a more modest direction. Amy Welborn last week had a post about the same thing. And Kate of Heart Speaks to Heart has had some interesting comments over the last several days about what exactly modesty is and finding a balance between over-sexualized women's clothing and what I call the "potato sack" approach. Here's what Kate says, and I agree with her:

Modesty is motivated by respect for the dignity of the human person. To
show this respect, we dress in a way that does not invite others to view the
body as something to be used, since that would be disrepectful to our dignity.
Immodest clothing invites a seperation of the person and the body.

But dressing in a way that obscures the form and beauty of the person is
also disrespectful of our dignity, since it suggests that there is something
wrong with the female form, and seeks to again seperate our body and our

Secondarily, modesty involves not drawing undue attention to oneself - but
a poorly or unattractively dressed woman draws attention to herself by her
dress, as much as does the immodest woman.

Ideally, a modest woman should dress well, in well-fitting, well-cut
clothes of good material but a simple pattern, which covers her body, flattering
her form without being too tight or baggy.