Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Aloha Means Goodbye (For Now)

I will stop updating Catholic Girl Talk beginning now. This is my senior year of college and I have obligations that do not allow me to maintain the blog. Though Catholic Girl Talk is a group blog, I had been doing about 99 percent of the posts and 100 percent of the site maintenance. So while I hope that the other lovely ladies who are listed as contributors on this page will be able to post, I think the blog will effectively become inactive. However, I do hope to return to the site sometime around the beginning of the year to start updating again.

Thanks to all the readers out there who have taken the time to stop by and leave comments. It's so amazing to learn that people take the time to read what I have to say. And many, many thanks to fellow bloggers (linked on the sidebar) who have linked to CGT or added it to their blogrolls. It's really awesome to know you have confidence enough in this site to direct your readers to it. Thanks especially to the guys of Catholicae Testudines for all their help and encouragement.

Finally, please keep me in your prayers during my last year of school. More importantly, however, let's make the horrors of the storm Katrina are defeated with another storm - that of our prayers in Heaven.