Monday, August 08, 2005

Fear the Turtle

Call Maryland State Sen. John Giannetti and tell him to bring the beer, because Terps football is back, baby! Fall practice started today and hopefully we'll have a better season than last year's 5-6 (though we did beat Florida St.) I'm not a football fanatic, but I enjoy the games, and Coach Ralph Friedgen and his wife, Gloria, are very generous supporters of the Catholic Terps - Mrs. Friedgen cooks us dinner some weeks.

True football story: Sammy Maldonado, our star running back, was in my public speaking class sophomore year. It was a painful class, mostly because it consisted of learning that a conversation only existed when there was a speaker, message and listener, taught to us by a very lovely Chinese graduate student who, God bless her, could barely speak English. Sammy was in my group a few times but I didn't know it was him until the third to last week of the semester. I always though he was just some very large guy who sat in the back of the room and was often not in class on Fridays. They wear helmets on the field, how was I supposed to know it was him?

Also, one request for my fellow student section football game attendees: Please, please, please can we sit down for at least some of the game? I know it's exciting and all, but this isn't a nice, short basketball game - football games last for almost 4 hours! Seriously, there's no reason to stand that whole time. If everyone sits down, we'll all be able to see. Thank you and goodnight.