Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Karol: Coming to a TV Near You

The Hallmark Channel - yes, that one with all the sappy chick flicks - will air Karol: A Man Who Became Pope on Monday, August 15 (the Feast of the Assumption) at 8 pm EST. This is the same JPII biopic that Pope Benedict screened at the Vatican a few months ago (it has an Italian director and Polish star), so I'm sure it will be better than whatever CBS is producing. Apparently, John Paul saw it before his death. A summary from Hallmark:

This is the extraordinary true story of a resilient young boy who, against
unimaginable evil, drew inspiration from the beauty of life and in turn became
an inspiration to the world…

Karol Wojtyla is a boy of eighteen from the town of Wadowice, Poland.
On the threshold of life as a budding actor, poet, and writer, the enthusiastic
and optimistic young student suddenly sees his world shattered with the Nazi
invasion of Poland in September 1939. As a firsthand witness to the horrors of
the invasion, Karol joins a cultural resistance movement, where his life takes a
dramatic and remarkable turn, leading to his exodus from Kracow and the creation
of an underground theater to resist the invader. This is also where he receives
his calling from God to become a priest, much to the disillusionment of the
woman he might have loved.

I (shamefully) admit that I haven't read Witness to Hope yet, so does anyone know, did he have a possible SO in the late 30s/early 40s? I'd never heard that before. Or is this just a dramatic twist to the story (not that it'd need any more).