Thursday, August 04, 2005

On This Feast of St. John Vianney

Some priests I'm thankful for...

From my home parish of St. Margaret Mary: Msgr. Lanaux Rareshire, Fr. Thomas Kilasara, Fr. Luis Henao, Msgr. Richard Carroll (who's in the hospital, pray for him!), Fr. Joe Benson, Fr. Anton Ba Phan, Fr. Beau Charbonnet, Fr. Ray Hymel, Fr. Mossy Gallagher (who died two years ago on this feast), Archbishop Philip Hannan, Archbishop Francis Schulte, Archbishop Alfred Hughes.

From the UMD Catholic Student Center: Fr. Bill Byrne, Fr. Gareth Jones, Fr. Tom Woods, Msgr. Malloy, Fr. Dominic Joseph, Fr. Joseph, Fr. John, and Fr. I-can't-remember-his-name-but-he's really-cute-and-says-the-5:30-Monday-Mass.

From other places: Our state Catholic Daughters chaplain (can't remember his name - maybe Msgr. Zorbak?), Fr. Joe Talamo, Fr. Rhenne Cervantes, Fr. Adrian Hall, Fr. Rodney Bourg, Fr. Jimmy Jeanfreau, Fr. Terrence Henry, Fr. John Capuci, Fr. Joseph Calamari, Fr. Bill Pickard, Pope John Paul II (RIP), Pope Benedict XVI.

This list is not exhaustive. I've been blessed to have met so many great priests (and seminarians)!