Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Our Lady of the Wood Slat

I received the following e-mail several hours ago. I don't know if it's fake or who the sender is (since he used a pseudonym), but it got past Gmail's aggressive spam blocker. Lemme know if any other Catholic bloggers got anything similar, but until then, here goes...


I am not sure exactly where to begin. Three days ago, while I was
inspecting the property where I work near Denver, Colorado, I found a rather
stunning image of the Virgin Mary on a wood slat along the fence line at the
perimeter of the property. I am interested in emailing you a photo of this
image to get your opinion on the matter.

I am not an expert on this subject. Although I was raised in a Catholic
home, it is safe to say that religion has not been an important part of my life
as an adult. Perhaps this image is a message to me - I don't
know. In any event, I believe you will agree that this phenomenon is

If you would like me to email a copy of this photo to you, let me

My reply: This is America and if you have a photo of this Marian apparition, post that sucker on eBay and make some money off of this! And as I'm apparently an authority on Marian apparitions (I do share a name with Our Lady, after all), you can celebrate bringing in the Benjamins on eBay by sending me and the other ladies of CGT on a whirlwind tour of (approved) Marian apparition sites throughout the world: Mexico City, Fatima, Lourdes!

But if this is really a serious inquiry: I have grave doubts that it is, in fact, Our Lady's image on this piece of wood. Nonetheless, this would be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Blessed Mother. Start by praying the Rosary (learn how here) and reading up on her. Good luck and God bless!

P.S.: Sure, send along the wood slat photo (if you do, in fact, have one).