Friday, August 19, 2005

Pregnancy Tests at Maryland

Story from The Diamondback about student pregnancy counselors at the UMD health center. It's a very interesting read, though I thought the story could have been written much more smoothly and focused a bit less on why men aren't counselors and more on what exactly the process is when a woman comes in for a pregnancy test. This story doesn't mention it, but other stories from The Diamondback have mentioned that the university health center refuses to refer pregnant women to pro-life pregnancy clinics.

But my favorite quote from the story is from the university's sexual health director:
Another trend she noticed and said she can’t explain is a marked increase
in the number of women who are happy and excited about their positive test

“When I was doing counseling, that hardly ever happened,” Torchia

What?! College-aged women who embrace their unborn children and are willing to work to take care of them? What a scandal!

Needless to say, all of us need to pray for these young women and offer whatever support we can to student moms.