Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Proud Member: JPII Generation

Those crazy young Catholics. First they embrace Pope John Paul, then Pope Benedict, they adore Christ in the Eucharist all night in Cologne and...next thing you know, they're doing weird things like praying the Rosary with each other!

But don't let that fool you, they still play pool in their free time. Heck, they even look like regular college students! (Or so Newsweek says...it could be a Romish conspiracy...I mean, they are "unapologetically judgmental of the unconverted.")

As you may have seen, Newsweek's cover story this week is on spirituality in America. In between highlighting Pentecostals and Kabbalah, they wrote about young Catholics (who's cool now, Katie Holmes?).

One of my favorite lines (and there are oh so many in this story):
They pray together daily and convene once a week to share the long, ritualistic
prayer of the rosary, which is more commonly performed by folks their
grandmothers' age.

Yeah, the Rosary...so long and ritualistic...15 whole minutes! Well, I guess it is longer than most Protestant wedding ceremonies...

I mean, er, woops...that must've been my unapologetic judgment of the unconverted.