Thursday, August 11, 2005


To readers coming over from Open Book. Since I'm sure some are wondering why this blog is coming out of the University of Maryland, consider some of these facts about our Catholic Student Center:
*We have 4 Sunday Masses and 2 daily Masses
*Twice weekly confessions
*Eucharistic Adoration 3 times a week
*We have 3 Bible study groups: One for graduate students, one for undergrads and one for women.
*We have a Knights of Columbus council with 50 members and a Catholic Daughters of the Americas court with 50 members.
*We have pro-life, elderly and service committee plus a Gregorian chant group.
*Semesterly retreats and last spring hosted a Eucharistic Congress attended by students from 4 universities.
*In the past 3 years, 6 of our graduates have entered the seminary and one has entered a cloistered convent. Dozens of others are considering priestly or religious vocations.
*Our chaplain, Fr. Bill Byrne, and the other wonderful priests he has come to help out are faithful and vibrant men who really live out the joy of their vocation.

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