Saturday, December 31, 2005

Campus Ministry

Amy Welborn gave a talk about it the other day to college students attending the National Catholic Student Coalition conference. Here's some of what she had to say:

It is, of course, Christ, that we share, Christ to whom we point. Part of the
Catholic dance is that while the Church is the locus, is the place where
Jesus is, present, not in the abstract, but in the visible thing we call
Church...He's above,beyond, and deeper than that, too. We do invite people to
come and see in the Church visible.. but the other part of the dance is making
sure that the community, the experience of church, is not made into an idol.
That when that community fails, disappoints or even disappears as we move on,
our faith isn't lost.

Much of what she had to say echoes what our chaplain, Fr. Bill, constantly preaches to us: Consistency. A life of faith is one in which the person we are at Mass is the same person we are in class, with our families, out partying with friends. We should enjoy our time in college, but at the same time not use that as excuse to sin. Fr. Bill every week invites us to and reminds us of the great graces found in attendance at daily Mass and frequent confession. With those two sacraments as our foundation, it becomes much easier to live a fully authentic life in Christ - one in which we are consistent now in college and one in which we will remain consistent thereafter.